BizSomething Social Stream™

Social Stream™  automatically imports pictures, videos, descriptions, and feeds from your social media channels, based on your rules. Your website will always in synch with all your social media, in real-time. With Social Stream™, your website will always be up-to-date and can be maintenance free.

Your social media channels may not talk to each other. But BizSomething will talk to them all for you, and your website can be a central hub of your online identity, free of any 3rd-party interference or restrictions.

You can also have your own professional email address ( You can also use our customized inquiry screens, and use our flat fee e-commerce solutions.

  1. CASE STUDY:, The top half has a banner which shows the cover photo from the Facebook page (, a Facebook Like button on the upper right linked to their Facebook page, and a rotating picture and text from their latest 3 posts. The right part, Random Thoughts, has their twitter feed ( The bottom parts, Insane Videos and More Videos, show the latest top 2 and top 3-6 videos posted respectively on the Youtube channel (

  2. CASE STUDY:, Gallery section of their website, latest 12 pictures automatically pulled from their Instagram page

  3. CASE STUDY:, Bestseller, Kimchi, and Made To Order section shows the latest 3 bags of each album on a rotating basis.

    •, Facebook page of Kimbel International has 3 Albums, each gets the latest 3 pictures to be shown, rotating, on their website, so the pictures are always updated.

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