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Biz Site

We can make your website for a flat setup fee, and then provide worry-free hosting and maintenance for $20/month. The monthly fee includes everything for your website, no add-ons. It includes domain name registration, privacy, hosting, up to 500 business email addresses, SSL (online website security), minor updates, and Social Stream.

Facebook posts and events and albums, Instagram pictures, Youtube videos, Paypal payments, etc, are all automatically integrated on your website. This means less work and less errors - any updates to your social media can automatically reflect on your website.

With BizSomething, you can have full e-commerce capabilities that's integrated with your website. You will also have a small business system that includes payroll, HRIS, sales, and accounting.

Biz Mini

We can make a mini website for you without any hosting or maintenance without any setup fee.

You can present your company how you want to, showing your pictures, rates, menus, hours in a way that reflects your brand. It's like having an online brochure available at all times for any interested customers.

And when you're ready for the full website, we'll be here to help you migrate and setup.

About BizSomething

What is BizSomething?

BizSomething is an HRIS, Accounting, and Sales system, in one integrated cloud-based system. BizSomething levels up your operation practice.

We’ve created customize solutions for many small businesses. We’ve noticed that there were a lot of common features, and we’ve decided to combine them all into one package, combining their best practices into one feature-rich system.

All-In-One Small Business Software Package

BizSomething homepage is a central repository for everyone in your company to coordinate and keep in touch. Company announcements, out-of-office leaves, special events, holidays, and whatnot are all available and visible to everyone, resulting in a more open and collaborative environment.

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Drop us a line so we can add SOMETHING to your business powers.

is active and passionate about making websites for small and medium businesses, here in the Philippines and abroad. Check our Facebook page for pictures of us with our happy clients here and abroad. Give us a call and we'll see what we can do for you.

We're a small, but dedicated band of programmers, testers, designers, and analysts. The work can be quite challenging, but we're very results-oriented and we offer a lot of flexibility on where and how you work as long as you get the job done. So if you're smart, talented, and can keep up with the constantly changing industry, feel free to come visit or check us out Technomancer.biz.

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