Technomancer is a cutting-edge software house that specializes in providing modern, innovative web development and testing solutions for your growing business. For years, our products BizSite™ (customized company website) and BizSomething™ (complete small business package), have been helping our clients automate, optimize, and expand their business operations in order to reach their full potentials.

With our extensive IT experience, we are constantly developing customized solutions for our clients, both large and small, from various industries all over the world. BizSomething™, our software package which features human resource and payroll, sales, invoicing, expenses, and e-commerce systems, is the complete solution for all your business needs. BizSite™ on the other hand, your company’s customized website, serves as your online presence to the world. Allow us to set up your site so you can sell, market, and interact with your clients online through Social Stream™, personalized payment gateways, or even integration with BizSomething™! Additionally, Technomancer provides Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services, called BizTeam™, and we’ll have no problem handling programming, quality assurance, or any other IT operation needs.

Our goal is to provide high-quality, affordable websites and business applications for any client that wants them. We are your offsite, worry-free IT support, helping keep your operations running and updated. Let us focus on our strengths, so you can focus on yours.

About BizSite

Biz Site

Our website comes with art direction, website architecture that is consistent with the psychology of your target users and the main function of your website. BizSite has a gamut of social media integration features and also API integration. The forms are programmable and, better yet, the site can be integrated with BizSomething payroll/HR, sales, inventory, invoices and/or expenses. Depending on your needs, the package can be inclusive of the SSL, domain name, website hosting, access to the Cpanel, and up to 100 email addresses. Lastly, this service comes with a complimentary 16 hours worth of minor updates whether for design or programming.


  • $999/website build
  • $10/mo/hosting
  • $10/mo/maintenance


With the rise of ad-powered, templated websites, Technomancer protects the user experience. We also pride in no hidden costs for features inclusive of your website set-up fee. With user interface (UI) experts onboard, our architecture looks into the future of your company and writes elegant code that is configurable to later growth. Especially for sales and pull marketing, the efficiency of communicating your value to clients is our joint goal. Technomancer does not just care about putting up websites. We want you to reach your goals and we’ll be there to support you. The stability of our 7-year IT team also assures our clients that years later, along your growth, at times when you need us the most, we still exist.

Biz Mini Free Page
The Social Integration Platform for the Hopeful

A BizMini Site is a product of collaboration with target communities. It is a free service from Technomancer.


Equal footing in digital representation for underprivileged, non-tech-savvy communities in Luzon.

Bringing People Together

By merging hand-holding culture and oral tradition with information and communication technology, we include participation of underrepresented communities in the digital landscape

Selection Criteria for Partners:

  • Groups with revenue under P50,000
  • Accessible via land transportation from Technomancer Headquarters
  • Has a participant count of at least 10 people
  • Has access to electricity
  • Is willing to co-brand with Technomancer for at least five years

About BizSomething

BizSomething Payroll/HR

This cloud-based system has employee maintenance, status reporting, biometric importing, multi-schedule payroll, systematic employee appraisals, documentation of accrual leaves, computation of loans and deductions, employee self-serve kiosk and reports with customizable formats. Company’s includes the team calendar, company announcements, company directory, and the James Kim’s Quote of the Week.


  • $19/mo/100 active employees
  • $29/mo/500 active employees
  • $39/mo/1000 active employees
  • $69/mo/3000 active employees
  • $99/mo/5000 active employees


In practices of HRIS, our objective for automation is always efficiency. Our automation allows our partners to focus on the humans of their organization. Instead of focusing on menial work that systems are able to compute, human resource professionals can invest more resources in corporate governance, generating insights, future directions, valid outliers in statistics, new user stories in their processes.

The best part about automation is the reduction of human error. The system makes data input more accurate. With self-reporting, members of an organization are trained in integrity and ownership, definitely a more adaptive corporate culture in the 21st century.

All-in-all, Technomancer desires to truly support the growing needs of human resource as a driver of growth in any industry.

BizSomething Sales, Inventory, Invoices & Expenses (SIIE)

This cloud-based system has item maintenance, simple inventory, sales orders, invoices, expenses, a customer database and reports with customizable formats. Companies includes a team calendar, company announcements, company directory, and James Kim's Quote of the Week.


  • $23/mo/1000 transactions
  • $29/mo/5000 transactions


As a supporter of small businesses, Technomancer enhances in the most affordable way, the basic value chain necessary to consistently grow operations and your baseline. Customizable formats are also priced as a welcome service for startups. Efficient organizational communication is an option that Technomancer desires for everyone. For courageous players in industries who are still in the phase of early growth, BizSomething is the choice partner who is concerned with your sustainable growth.

What's New


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