Here are some features that your webpage can have:

filler image e-commerce online ordering

Your visitors can make orders and complete purchases from your website, with a tie-in with Biszomething.

filler image Social Stream™

Social Stream™ automatically imports pictures, videos, descriptions, and feeds from your social media channels, based on your rules. Your website will always in synch with all your social media, in real-time. With Social Streamâ„¢, your website will always be up-to-date and can be maintenance free. Read more for live case studies.

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Embedded Facebook widget

Visitors can see a banner of your facebook page, or your latest post. It is easier for new followers because they can immediately LIKE your Facebook page without having to go to the page itself.

filler image

Donate to us page

For organizations that thrive on community support, donations can be made from your website.

Your visitors are able to create messages for your business, directly from your website, so there is increased accessibility.

filler image

Your subscription to enables you to give our periodical announcements, viewable right at your website.

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Embedded Twitter feed

You can feature special tweets and give the option for visitors to follow you and send you a tweet.

filler image

Google analytics page count

Give visitors a sense of welcome as well as let them know how many have visited before.

filler image

Embedded videos

Feature your own content as videos can play automatically when visitors get to your site.

filler image

Embedded music

Enrich the experience of your visitors and prime them for making purchases with some well-chosen music.

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