About BizSomething

  • What is BizSomething?

  • BizSomething is an HRIS, Accounting, and Sales system, in one integrated cloud-based system. BizSomething levels up your operation practice.
  • We’ve created customize solutions for many small businesses. We’ve noticed that there were a lot of common features, and we’ve decided to combine them all into one package, combining their best practices into one feature-rich system.

  • All-In-One Small Business Software Package

  • BizSomething homepage is a central repository for everyone in your company to coordinate and keep in touch. Company announcements, out-of-office leaves, special events, holidays, and whatnot are all available and visible to everyone, resulting in a more open and collaborative environment.

  • Advantages / Disadvantages of Bizsomething.com, a Cloud-based System

  • BizSomething.com runs on our server, meaning we take care of everything. All you need is an internet connection to access your system.
  • BizSomething.com can be accessed anywhere, from any web device with a modern browser. For example, access via your PC, laptop, tablet, iPhone, or Android.
  • No hardware or software to install or maintain, aside from your operating system and web browser. No need to buy a server and pay a network engineer. No need to buy software licenses for MS Access or SQL Server or Oracle. No need to worry what operating system you’re using.
  • By storing your records on the cloud, you can drastically reduce the amount of paperwork needed. Employees can access their documents online instead of printing them. HR can view and search employee records and documents without having to search, and possibly damage, paper documents.
  • By automating computations and reporting, you can drastically reduce the amount of errors, especially from manual errors involved with copying and calculating from different sources, or from forgetting to take into account business rules.
  • Automating can also drastically speed up your operations, allowing your personnel to focus more on the logistics rather than the tediousness of counting and calculating everything by hand.
  • BizSomething has a standard, flexible software package that all our other clients can fit on, in exchange for a flat fee of P1,000/month. We can create some client-specific forms and reports, and we charge a minimal setup fee, but no additional monthly usage fees.
  • BizSomething will take care of upgrading the system based on new government rules and regulations. We’ll take care of upgrading the software and security behind the scenes.

  • Functionalities Currently Implemented

  • Each person who can access the system, called an employee, can access certain features of the system depending on what role they’re given. Below is the list of features available, by each role. Note that each role has access to all features of every role underneath it.


My Theme

My Notifications

My Data

My Out Of Office

My Status Report

My Payslips

My Balances




Category Maintenance

Note Type Maintenance

Activity Maintenance

Set Current Time

Space Usage


Shift Maintenance

Shift Rotation

Employee Maintenance

Leave Management

Employee Info

Employee Status Report (Owner)

Employee Loans

Employee Rates

Set Cash Advances

Import Biometrics

Create Payslip

HR Reports




Transaction (Company)

Transaction (Employee)

Accounting Reports


Company Directory

Company Announcements

Company Calendar

My Company

HR Admin

Leave Maintenance

Project Maintenance

Department Maintenance

Location Maintenance

Delete Payslips

Generate Payslips

Accounting Admin

GL Category

GL Account Maintenance

Invoice Unblocking


Company Maintenance

Item Category Maintenance

Item Maintenance

Inquiry Maintenance

Purchase Order

Sales Order

Sales Reports

  • Employee Maintenance (GUI and general functionality) - Part 1 of 4 - General

All maintenance forms have various fields, spread among one or more tabs. The buttons on the right do the following:

Print the current record

Upload a new record picture

Insert a New Record

Save Record

Change Logs

Search for a record

  • Employee Maintenance (GUI and general functionality) - Part 2 of 4 - Documents

  • Some of the tabs include documents that can be attached. Now you can go truly paperless, as most common documents can be easily reached.

  • Employee Maintenance (GUI and general functionality) - Part 3 of 4 - Change Logs

  • Searching allows the user to search using one or more categories. If one or more records match that search, the system will show the list, and allow the user to select one, to print it, or to export that list into Excel.

  • Custom forms and reports - Jelou’s Jelly Bean Order Slip

  • As long as you fit within our structure, we can accommodate some customization, such as with Order Slips, and with business reports. These forms are client-specific, and only certain members of your company can see these forms.

  • Custom forms and reports - Jelou’s Jelly Bean Reports

Like what you see? What are the next steps?

  • For our pilot, we’ll start automating one of your business processes. Perhaps your payroll system. We’ll run in parallel for 1-2 business cycles.
  • We’ll ask for some of your business documents, so we can set you up, and help you use the BizSomething system.
  • We’ll match your parallel run.
  • We’ll create your customized reports (if any).
  • If you’re happy with the results, we’ll help you transition the rest of your data and we’ll start billing you monthly. If not, then that’s cool too. But we’re confident that if you give us a try, you’ll like what we can do.
  • Setup fee varies depends on how much customization needs to be done. Please contact us for a quote.
  • Usage is $20/month (or $200/year) for any number of users.


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(PH): +63 2 861 2688
(US): 924 S Lake Court Unit 305, Westmont, IL
(PH): 59 Samonte Street, Commonwealth, QC

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